December 23, 2004

I know.  It's December 23rd and it's been a month or so since I last wrote anything.   Well believe me, I've tried.  I've sat down here probably six or seven times and started to write but I wasn't really in the mood or I couldn't find anything to write about.  On a few occasions I started to write about Christmas and the season, but I haven't really been in the Christmas spirit I guess.  

You see, I was laid off back in September and it was with a great company.  I had a lot of friends there and the work they do is meaningful and I miss it.  I miss working.  I miss my friends there.  I haven't even been in touch with most of them.  The papers don't have a lot of jobs posted and neither do the websites.  It's slim pickings out there right now and I'm not the only guy out there looking.  There are 20 to 50 more people out there just as qualified as I am for the jobs that I have been applying for.  We're into our savings now and it's Christmas time.  We're doing OK but it's been very stressful not finding the jobs.  And then when you do find the jobs and apply, you don't hear from them for an interview.  One job that I did have a phone interview for had over 165 applicants and I made the phone interview but not past that.

Carol is stressed over Christmas and it's been hard.  When we first asked the kids what they wanted for Christmas they didn't give us many ideas.  Tyler did give us a couple of ideas but we weren't able to find it anywhere.  We finally finish up our Christmas shopping - some in the stores and some on the web but we finished.  Then we find out this week a couple of the items ordered on the web are out of stock and not going to come.  This is so frustrating - now we have to find some other source or something to replace the items not arriving.  Also, the kids are now coming up to us with what they want for Christmas.  Well, it's too late now so they pretty much aren't getting anything they asked for, for Christmas.  I do believe that we have done a great job on getting things that they will love and they will definitely be surprised when they open their gifts Christmas morning.

I'm sorry this post hasn't been filled with news of joy and cheer but this is pretty much all that's been on my mind recently.  A little depression brought on by great expense with little income.  Idle mind wandering down roads of what if and what might be's.  

I wish all of you who read this a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.  Remember Christmas is about the birth of Christ.  We celebrate Christmas for our children and they sometimes forget what the true meaning of Christmas is all about.  Gifts and joy are part of it, but don't lose sight of the reason for the gifts, joy and celebration.  Take care everyone.