March 03, 2005

March 03, 2005        

What ever happens to the time?  Good intentions don't pay the bills or update web pages.   I've been sitting here the last few days wondering where does the time go.  I remember that it wasn't a couple of years ago we seemed to have all the time in the world.  So what happened?   Time passed as it always does and the kids have gotten older.  Tracey's much more independant now so she can go off to the mall or movies and we don't have to stay with her.  You would think this would free up some time, right?  Well that doesn't happen.  They want to go to the mall for a couple of hours and then to the movies for a couple of hours and then to their friends for some time.   So you might have all this time freed up but it's filled with running to and from picking her and her friends up from where ever they are.  It's simply amazing how much time this can take.

Then there are the sports.  Tracey's already tried out, made and completed her school softball season.   There were all of the practices, games and tournaments that took up much of our time.  We had fun and enjoyed every minute of it but again, more time gone.  Then there are the band concerts and contests that both Tracey and Tyler competed in this spring and they both received Superior ratings for their work which we are so very proud.  Now Tracey's tried out for and made her school basketball team and their games start up next week.  Tyler has started his baseball practice and their games start the weekend of March 12.  It will be tough making all of Tracey's games and Tyler's so we'll just have to split up the time and games.  

Now we also need to add on the individual practice schedules for both Tracey and Tyler.  Tracey pitched for her school and really did well in her softball.  They completed the year in third out of ten teams which was great and that's also where they ended up in the tournament.  The top three teams ended the season and the tournament in the same position but the tournament games were suspense filled and played extremely well.  It was so much fun to watch and very competitive.  But this has prompted us to get Tracey some pitching lessons to work on a couple bad habits that she's learned.  And breaking bad habits isn't easy nor fun.  We work with Tracey for at least an hour four times a week plus the time with the coach.   Tyler's going to pitch for his team as well and so we have decided to work with Tyler on his pitching and see if we can find him a coach.  This means we'll have a good four or five days devoted to Tyler's baseball work too.

So much time and energy goes into the kids homework, practices and activities that we tend to forget, and maybe forget is the wrong word.  We tend to focus our energies on the kids that Carol and I haven't had any time to ourselves to just enjoy each other.  I miss that.  Everything has been so focused on the kids that we have lost touch with each other - or maybe we just fell into the old "Married" routine.   I don't know - but I miss Carol.  I miss the time when we used to get a couple of hours to ourselves.   So in addition to having no time - I'm going to try to just spend some time with Carol.

I've also spent the last several months writing a story.  It's just about complete and I don't know if anything will ever come of it but I enjoyed creating a world that never existed before I sat down at the computer.   The lives and loves of a couple of characters - Jarod and Marie.  It was fun and hard.  It was possibly the hardest thing I have ever done but it also seemed to flow.  And you know what was really the hardest part of the process?  Letting someone else read it.  It's OK if you write it, but to actually let someone else read what you have created is not an easy thing to do.  I enjoyed it though and I do think I will let others read it and let them help me decide if I should try to get it published.   Only time will tell.

Well thanks for stopping by my little piece of the web and checking in on us.  We're still here, busy as ever.  I hope all is well with you and your families.  Take care and I'll be typing at you soon.