July 11, 2005

After reading the last post - you all might be surprised with what I'm about to tell you.   Tyler was not selected to the All Star team for his league.  We were all extremely disappointed at the oversight considering most of the coaches and parents had told us and our coach that he was one of the ten best kids in the league.  Tyler was devastated at the news and we were left to console him and attempt to lift his spirits.

After that, we were left to finish out Tracey's dismal season and get on with the Summer vacation.   We had planned to go to Universal Studio's in Hollywood and visit the beach on a short four day trip but all that got put on hold after a surprise phone call from Rich L. (I'll leave it at L., I can say it but I couldn't even come close to spelling it).  After the season was over, we had the same tournament to play that Tyler did to decide the league tournament champion and the Spirit were slated to play the Comets the next day.  Coach Rich (from the Comet's) called and I answered the phone.  Rich asked for Tracey.  I explained that she wasn't home and asked if I could help him.  He explained that he was going to coach the Junior All Stars and wanted to know if Tracey would like to join the team.   Tracey was a junior playing up in the seniors so she is eligable to play for the juniors.   Rich had seen Tracey play and pitch in a couple games this season and he has coached her in the past and wanted her to round out his junior team.   I was stunned, floored and almost left speechless.  A broad smile took over my expression and I said, "I think she would love to play for you Rich."  He explained that he feels he has some strong pitching and good strength in hitting and good fielding.  With this, he feels the team has a great shot to advance to the state tournament that would be held in Tucson and a good shot to advance to the regionals after that.   With that being said, we needed to make a committment to the team through early to mid-August.   I agreed and wished him luck on his game the next day.  I knew he didn't need it as they were playing us.

I told Carol and we were so excited.  We knew that our coach didn't nominate anyone to the All Stars.   We thought there was no way that Tracey was in the running and had dismissed this thought completely from our minds.  We were elated and couldn't wait to tell Tracey.  

Tracey came home for dinner and I noticed her Deer Valley All Stars visor on the counter that she had from her Major team experience and I thought that this would be good.  As Tracey was sitting at the table with her plate in front of her, I sat mine down and walked around the table picking up the visor off the counter.  As I passed behind her, I started to mention that Coach Rich had called and he said that she needed to start wearing this visor again as I placed it on her head.  She took it off in her teenager way and looked at the visor. She said, "What are you talking about?" with a look of disgust on her face.  "Rich wants you to play on the Junior All Star's for him."  Her face lit up like a Christmas Tree.  "Really?  You're serious.  You're not joking?"  I looked over at Carol and she nodded her head and confirmed what I had said.  It was a great night.   Tracey made the All Star's when there wasn't a chance in the world.  It was great.

Then the next day, the upset of the century happened.  The Spirit defeated the Comets knocking them out of the single elimination tournament where they were expected to play for the championship.  Amazing.   The week was a whirlwind that hasn't quite stopped yet.  Practices started immediately and the Spirit were knocked out of the tournament the next game.  Our lives have been filled with practice after practice and the District 2 tournament that decides who goes to state.  As Rich predicted, we're doing well and are undefeated in the tournament.  Tonight is the battle of undefeateds as the Deer Valley All Stars go up against the Arrowhead All Stars at 8:00 PM.  There's four teams left and if we win tonight, we need to win one game Thursday to advance to the state tournament.   If we lose, we play tomorrow night in the final game of the losers bracket and then we would face Arrowhead again in the Finals. where we would have to beat them twice to advance.  Needless to say, I'm hoping we win tonight to gain the upper hand in the tournament.  I'm nervous.  For Tracey and the team.   I think it would be a great experience for Tracey to have the opportunity to advance on to the state tournament and play the best in the state.  So I'm really hoping for her and the girls to play well tonight.  Gotta love it.

I'll update a little more frequently letting you know how things are progressing.  Also, I have updated the photo's section with our trip to Tucson to watch the Woman's Professional Fastpitch Softball game between the Chicago Bandits featuring Jennie Finch and Vicky Galindo and our own Arizona Heat that stars Jackie Coburn, Erica Beach, Stacey Nuveman and Lovieanne Jung.   Click here to see the pictures of the game.  It was great fun to watch even though the Bandits ended up winning the game and sweeping the series from the Heat.  Well, that just about does it for us today.  Thanks to all of you for taking the time out to read what's going on in our little corner of the Universe.  Take care and I'll be typing at you soon.