Liner Notes

Why BitbyBit24? - Bit by Bit originated after I moved into the IS group and started writing programs. I initially put BT BY BT on my license plate and have since started using bitbybit as my e-mail address. On occasion the bitbybit address had been taken so I needed to add something to it and that is where the 24 comes in. Jeff Gordon, NASCAR driver of the Dupont Chevy is number 24.  I now own a Coyotes jersey and a Diamondbacks jersey proudly displaying the name BITBYBIT across the back along with the number 24.   When I finally decided to register this domain, I found that bitbybit had already been registered by a computer company (imagine that) so I added the 24 and here we are now.

As some of you know, I will never be putting a CD out unless it is specifically designed for the hearing impaired and most of you are probably thanking God for that fact.   So I would like to take this opportunity to thank a few people that have been very instrumental in my life, who without which I wouldn't be the person that I am today.  First and foremost I would like to thank my parents, Roger and Patty Gillespie.  They have always been there when I have stumbled and helped me brush myself off and get back in the game.   They haven't always thought I was doing the right thing I'm sure, but they let me make my decisions and supported those decisions without judgement.  They raised me to be an upstanding man with integrity and values and then let me go and live my life as I see fit.  I think they did a pretty good job and I would like to thank them for everything they have done and been for me; past, present and in the future.   I love you Mom and Dad.

Shortly after starting to work for Giant, I met a man that would make a tremendous impact on my life.  He gave me the opportunity to move into the IS group at Giant and make a drastic change in my life.  This move was the best move that I have ever made in my life.  This move was also the most difficult move that I have ever made, however Jim Nicol saw something in me that told him to give me a chance without any prior training, and he did.   Jim became my boss at that time, but most of all he became my friend and mentor.  I don't know if Jim is aware of the impact that he has had on my life, but I would like to thank him for his participation in my life. His values, work ethic, support and belief in me, and just the way he lives his life has been such an inspiration and source of encouragement for me that I will never be able to repay.  Thank you Jim.  I would also like to thank his loving and caring wife Barb for also being a great friend and confidant.

For Wendy
Several years ago while I was travelling and supporting the remote sites for Giant, I met an intelligent, funny and vibrant young woman that worked for Giant at our Albuquerque Retail Office.   Wendy Graves was the receptionist/assistant to all/ just about everything else to that office.  She was my contact when I would have to call over there and need a pair of eyes and hands while I was here in Phoenix.  We became great friends and I always looked forward to having dinner or drinks with her when I would come to town.  She became friends with many people that worked over here in the corporate office and she would often come over to visit "The Girls". When the girls would get together, you had better watch out because you just never new what would happen.  We all lost a very special and dear friend when Wendy passed away a few years ago.  But she will never be forgotten and I will always remember my last trip to Albuquerque and Wendy's Lucky Charms.  The one thing that I have learned from Wendy is that you need to live life now and not sweat the small stuff.  Also you need to be honest with yourself and with your friends and family and enjoy every minute that you can.  Enjoy the time you have with everyone that is special to you now because there may come a day when tomorrow never comes.  Wendy, thanks for The Dance, I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

There are so many others that have affected me in my life.  First and foremost I have to thank my best friends that just moved to Boston, Kathy and Peter Farley.   Over the past several years you have always made me feel very welcome and right at home.  Thank you guys, and we'll always have New Years 2000, won't we Buddy.  I have to thank "The Girls" - Nancy Boyer, Jody Beall, Michelle Lang, Cindy Acridge, Shawn Nelson and of course Wendy; Friend and another one that has always believed in me, Matt Hall; Tim Nimmo; Steve Berry; Gene Fiore; Pat Yates, I miss you guys; Carol Abrego, I don't know what I would have done without you, thank you; Dawn Paschke, JR doesn't know what he is missing, thank you; Christian Ann Cahill, roomy and friend, thank you; Amber Brannin, another friend from my road travels; Monica Ninos, Miranda Jones and everyone up at Bloomfield; and Gail Foos, congratulations on your decisions, best of luck up in Fort Collins and what else can I say except, "I'm Tired".   To all of you that have touched my life, I thank you all dearly.