Tim and Willy's
Christmas Breakfast
Show at Night
December 14, 2002

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Joe Don Rooney with Tracey and Tyler 

Gary LeVox with Tracey and Tyler 

Jay DeMarcus with Tracey and Tyler 

Tim Hatrick with Tracey, Tyler and Grandma 

Tim and Willy start the show on a pair of V-Rod Hogs 

Tim and Willy perform Stupid 

Comedy provided by Dennis Regan 

Special Surprise Guest - Steve Holy 

Tim and Willy chat with Rascal Flatts 

Rascal Flatts perform Praying for Daylight 

Gary LeVox singing These Days 

Gary LeVox 

Jay DeMarcus performing I'm Moving On 

Jay DeMarcus 

Rascal Flatts performing I'm Moving On 

Rascal Flatts performing These Days 

Last Update December 15, 2002