Chicago Bandits at
Arizona Heat
June 25, 2005

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Jennie Finch and Vicky Galindo shagging batting practice 

We ran into Phelan Wright at TGI Fridays after the game 

Lovieanne Jung taking grounders 

Jennie Finch warming up 

Jennie Finch 

Jennie Finch 

Chicago Bandits 

Vicky Galindo slaps one foul 

Mackenzie Vandergeest 

Jennie cranks a double to the fence 

Jackie Coburn on deck 

Liz Bouck slap bunts her way on 

Jamie Clark - Powers one over the fence, Home Run 

Jamie Clark, batter Gina Oaks, Liz Bouck and Jennie Finch celebrate 

Lauren Bay warms up to shut 'em down 

Jennie Finch and Lovieanne Jung, former teammates, now adversaries 

Jennie gets the out at 1st 

We also ran into Jackie Coburn at TGI Friday's after the game 

Vicky Galindo gets a hit off Erica Beach 

Jennie cranks a double off Arizona States Erica Beach